An example of a Sanity powered frontend using Next.js
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Sanity + Next.js frontend example


This is an example Sanity powered frontend for the movie dataset using Next.js.


You will need Node.js version 6.0 or greater installed on your system.


Get the code by either cloning this repository using git

> git clone

... or downloading source code code as a zip archive.

Once downloaded, open the terminal in the project directory, and install dependencies with:

> npm install

If you're running your own Sanity project with the example movie dataset, go to lib/sanity.js and change the following lines:

  projectId: 'YOUR_PROJECT_ID',
  dataset: 'NAME_OF_YOUR_DATASET',

You can locate the ID of your project in the header of the management page for your project.

You also need to enable localhost:3000 in your CORS Origins settings! Either through the management page under settings or by running the below in the project folder you set up with sanity init:

sanity cors add http://localhost:3000

Then start the example app with:

> npm run dev

The app should now be up and running at http://localhost:3000 🚀