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Ansible scripts to install and configure the Open Distro for Elasticsearch using standalone plugin installation method
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Deploy a Production Ready Open Distro Elasticsearch Cluster and Kibana using Standalone Plugin Installation method

This ansible playbook supports the following,

  • Can be deployed on baremetal and VMs(AWS EC2)
  • Supports most popular Linux distributions(Centos7, RHEL7)
  • Install and configure the Apache2.0 opensource elasticsearch and kibana
  • Install and configure opendistro security plugin using standalone install method
  • Configure TLS/SSL for elasticsearch transport layer(Nodes to Nodes communication) and REST API layer
  • Generate self-signed certificates to configure TLS/SSL for elasticsearch
  • Configure the Internal Users Database with limited users and user-defined passwords


  • Ansible
  • Java 8


Refer the file inventories/opendistro/group_vars/all/all.yml to change the default values for elasticsearch and kibana Installation.

For example we need to increase the java memory heap size for elasticsearch,

xms_value: 8
xmx_value: 8

By default, it will install three node elasticsearch cluster. But if you want to setup five node elasticsearch cluster then you can increase the minimum_master_nodes.

minimum_master_nodes: 3

Note: You need to add additional nodes details(e.g. es4 and es5) in inventories/opendistro/hosts file for five nodes elasticsearch cluster.

You can also change the elasticsearch and kibana versions. Please refer the version compatibility with Open Distro.

Refer the file inventories/opendistro/group_vars/all/opendistro.yml to change the default values for Open Distro installation.

If you want to disable the opendistro security plugin installation completely

opendistro_security_install: false
opendistro_security_install_kibana: false

Change the opendistro security plugin version


You can set the reserved users(admin and kibanaserver) password using admin_password and kibanaserver_password variables.



# Deploy with ansible playbook - run the playbook as root
ansible-playbook -i inventories/opendistro/hosts opendistro.yml

It will install and configure the elasticsearch and kibana with opendistro. Once the deployment completed, you can access the kibana with user admin and password which you provided for variable admin_password(Default password: Test@123).

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