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@xzyfer xzyfer released this Oct 25, 2015 · 485 commits to master since this release

Today we're proud to release v3.4.0 of Node Sass.


As always we want to thank our beloved contributors who breathe life into this piece of code. ❤️
@cvibhagool, @fh1ch, @JTKnox91, @kylecho, @pmq20 and everyone who opened issues. Without your contributions we wouldn't be where we are today.
Also a big thanks to the LibSass team and their contributors for their work!
We (@am11, @saper, @xzyfer) hope you all will enjoy this release 🚀


LibSass 3.3.0

This release has the latest LibSass 3.3.0 release which brings with it major feature parity Ruby Sass*, massive speed improvements and MUCH MORE!
Check the changelog


  • Added npm-config suppot the binary resolution configuration (@fh1ch, #1145)
  • Added a better error message if the binary download experience a network failure (@pmq20 @saper, #1151)
  • Added symlink support to the CLI directory via the --follow (@dotzero, #1126)
  • Added automated Windows build for the native binary (@saper, #1135)


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