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Bukkit plugin providing a web-based interface with an interactive WebGL 3D preview or glimpse of your server


Downloads: WebSandboxMC at Spigot Resources, or GitHub releases



Currently supports:

  • Exposes a small piece of your server to web users, with configurable location and dimensions
  • Web users can place/break blocks, and see server block changes in realtime
  • Web users can send/receive chat, and other users can see their chat messages
  • Web users can see players on your server and other web users move and rotate
  • Sheep are spawned with custom names and track the web users movements

TODO: missing features


  • Install Maven 3
  • Check out this repository
  • Check out and build NetCraft using emscripten, when it completes copy the build output into resources:
    cp ../NetCraft/release-build-js/craft.* src/main/resources/`
    cp ../NetCraft/wasm-build/craftw.* src/main/resources/`
    perl -pe 's(\Q{{{ SCRIPT }}}\E)("<script>".`cat ../NetCraft/src/load.js`."</script>")e' -i src/main/resources/craft.html
  • Build the WebSandboxMC plugin: mvn package


  1. Copy target/WebSandboxMC.jar to the plugins folder of your Bukkit-compatible server (see below)
  2. Visit http://localhost:4081/ in a modern browser (requires WebGL, Pointer Lock, WebSockets)
  3. Play the game


After an initial run, plugins/WebSandboxMC/config.yml should be populated with configuration defaults. The settings are as follows:


Configures the HTTP and WebSocket server:

  • port (4081): TCP port for the HTTP server to listen on
  • publicURL (http://localhost:4081/) - URL for publicly accessing this server, sent to clients when running the /websandbox auth command
  • takeover (false): advanced experimental option to reuse the server port from Bukkit (ignoring port) before startup, allowing this plugin to be used on hosts where only one port is allowed
  • unbind_method ('console.getServerConnection.b'): if takeover enabled, this method is called on Bukkit.getServer(), may need to change depending on your Bukkit server implementation


Configures what part of your world to expose:

  • debug (false): if true, enables vast amounts of additional logging with FINEST log level
  • netty_log_info (false): if true, enables Netty connection logging at INFO level instead of DEBUG
  • use_permissions (false): if false, /websandbox command requires op; if true, checks for websandbox.command.+subcommand permission node
  • world (""): name of world for web clients to spawn in, or an empty string to use the first available
  • x_center (0): specifies the center of the world from the web client's perspective, X coordinate
  • y_center (75): " ", Y coordinate
  • z_center (0): " ", Z coordinate
  • If x/y/z center are all 0, then the world's spawn location is used instead
  • radius (16): range out of the center to expose in each direction (cube), setting too high will slow down web client loading
  • clickable_links (true): send clickable links in chat commands from /websandbox auth if true, or as plain text if false
  • clickable_links_tellraw (false): use the /tellraw command to send richly formatted messages if true, or use the TextComponents API if false, change this if you get a formatting error with /websandbox auth
  • entity ("Sheep"): name of entity class to spawn on server for web users, set to "" to disable
  • entity_custom_names (true): add web player names to the spawned entity's nametag if true
  • entity_disable_gravity (true): disable gravity for the spawned entities if true
  • entity_disable_ai (true): disable AI for the spawned living entities if true, otherwise they may move on their own
  • entity_move_sandbox (true): constrain the web player entity's movement to within the sandbox, otherwise they can go anywhere
  • entity_die_disconnect (false): disconnect the web player when their entity dies, otherwise they remain connected invisibly


Configures the NetCraft web client:

  • y_offset (20): height to shift the web client blocks upwards, to distinguish from the pre-generated landscape
  • allow_anonymous (true): allow web users to connect without logging in, otherwise a player must first run /websandbox auth and click the link
  • check_ip_bans (true): ban web clients by IP if they are in the server IP ban list, from e.g. the /ban-ip command
  • allow_break_place_blocks (true): allow web users to break/place blocks, set to false for view-only (see also allow_signs)
  • unbreakable_blocks (BEDROCK): list of block types to deny the client from breaking or placing
  • allow_signs (true): allow web users to place signs (by typing backquote followed by the text)
  • allow_chatting (true): allow web users to send chat messages to the server
  • see_chat (true): allow web users to receive chat messages from the server
  • see_players (true): allow web users to see other player positions
  • see_time (true): sync server time to web client time if true, if false then fixed at noon
  • creative_mode (true): if true, the web client is set to creative mode by default, else survival mode (warning: survival mode is incomplete and experiemntal)
  • blocks_to_web_override: map of Bukkit material names to NetCraft web client IDs -- you can add additional block types here if they don't show up correctly
  • This overrides the built-in map, and by default is empty (blocks_to_web pre-1.4.2 is no longer used).
  • The special material name "missing" is used for unmapped blocks, interesting values:
  • 16 (default): clouds, a solid white block you can walk through, useful as a placeholder so you know to edit spawn and remove or translate it
  • 0: air, for if you want missing/unknown/unsupported blocks to be invisible to the web client
  • warn_missing_blocks_to_web (true): log the type and location of untranslated blocks so you can fix them, set to false (and blocks_to_web_override "missing" to 0) if you don't care

Newer versions of NetCraft can be installed without upgrading the plugin, or the main page customized, by placing the saving files in the plugin's data directory: craft.html (main page), craft.js, craft.html.mem. If not given, WebSandboxMC's embedded version of NetCraft will be served up instead.

If the plugin folder contains a file named, then it will be sent as a custom texture pack to the client. This archive must contain a terrain.png with a texture atlas. For details on texture pack compatibility, see NetCraft#textures.


  • /websandbox or /websandbox help: show help
  • /websandbox list [verbose]: list all web users connected
  • /websandbox tp [<user>]: teleport to given web username, or web spawn location
  • /websandbox kick <user>: disconnect given web username
  • /websandbox clear: remove stale web player entities which can occur if the server is abnormally terminated
  • /websandbox auth [<user>]: generates an a web link to allow the player to authenticate over the web as themselves instead of anonymously

All commands except help and auth require op, or a websandbox.command.<command> permission node.


WebSandboxMC uses the Bukkit API from Spigot with the aim of maximizing server compatibility. Known compatible server software:

WebSandboxMC 2.x is compatible with 1.17 (and possibly newer) down to 1.14 API version.

WebSandboxMC 1.x is compatible down to 1.7, but will use "legacy materials" on API versions newer than 1.12.




Bukkit plugin providing a web-based interface with an interactive WebGL 3D preview or glimpse of your server πŸ•·β³πŸ“¦ β›Ί





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