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Nagios/Icinga status monitor for a NOC or operations room
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Nagios/Icinga status monitor for a NOC or operations room.

Inspired by Naglite ( and Naglite2 (

Written by Steffen Zieger Licensed under the GPL.

In case of any problems or bug fixes, feel free to contact me.


Naglite3 is only tested with Nagios3, but it should also work with Nagios2. If you're running Nagios2, please let me know.

nkadel has reported, that it's also working with Icinga.

  • Web server of your choice with PHP support
  • PHP 5.2 or newer
  • git

Naglite3 must be installed on the same host where Nagios is running, as it needs to read status.dat from Nagios.


  1. Switch to a directory accessible through your web server (e.g. /var/www/).
  2. git clone git://
  3. Copy config.php.example to config.php if you need to change a setting.
  4. Open a browser and point it to your Naglite3 installation.


For all possible config options have a look at config.php.example


If you want to change colors, create a file called 'custom.css' in the directory where Naglite3 is placed and add your changes.

Refresh interval

You can change the refresh interval (in seconds) through a GET parameter, too.

Example: http://your-host/Naglite3/?refresh=100

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