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Motion Device Event

This project describe how use motion sensor on mobile device to control object in HTML

Quick installation and start

  • Run below installation script
# Install nodejs
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

# Install Grunt Command Line Interface
sudo npm install -g grunt-cli

# Clone project MotionDeviceEvent and install dependencies
git clone
cd motion-device
npm install

# Run MotionDeviceEvent
grunt start
  • Open in mobile browser the below URL (Mobile phone and raspberry have to be in this same network)

Install application on mobile phone

  • Open chrome borwser with url http://[ip_address]:8899
  • Open chrome menu (right top corner)
  • Select option Add to home screen
  • Add application title MotionDeviceEvent
  • The shortcut should be added to home screen


Import library into your project :

<script src=""></script>
    var manager = motionDevice.create(options);


You can configure your motion device (all options are optional) :

var options = {
    limit_x: Number,                // sensitive for axis x [max 180]
    limit_y: Number                 // sensitive for axis y [max 90]


    var manager = motionDevice.create({
        limit_x: 15.5,
        limit_y: 25.5


Manager has the following signature :

    on: Function,                       // handle internal event
    off: Function,                      // un-handle internal event
    options: {
        limit_x: Number,                // sensitive for axis x [max 180]
        limit_y: Number                 // sensitive for axis y [max 90]

manager.on(type, handler)

Listener for internal events :

manager.on('event#1', function (evt, data) {
    // Do something.

Note that you can listen to multiple events at once by separating them either with a space or a comma (or both, I don't care).[type, handler])

To remove an event handler :'event', handler);

If you call off without arguments, all handlers will be removed. If you don't specify the handler but just a type, all handlers for that type will be removed.



When device is moved then listener return the below data :

    limit: {                // event bounds for axis x and y
        up: 65.5,
        down: 14.4,
        left: -15.8,
        rght: 15.1
    start: {                // start position for axis x and y
        x: -0.38,
        y: 39.97
    event: {                // data from axis x and y
        x: -0.38,
        y: 39.97
    middle: {               // middle point for event bounds
        x: 179.61,
        y: -50.02
    step: {                 //  steps between start points and event bounds
        x: 0,
        y: 0

Example move event

        limit_x: 15.5,
        limit_y: 25.5
    }).on('move', function(evt, data) {


Motion sensor from mobile device uses in HTML




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