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A website to help craft beer homebrewers

Hops has a large inventory of different kinds of hop. All information about the hop is gathered on a single easy page. Most importantly every hop has a list of possible hop substitution.

Hops also has a large inventory of mals and yeasts and their respective information.


You can use Hops to keep track of your inventory of hops, malts and yeast. Just click the star icon to add an item to your inventory.


Hops also has a few tools to make live easier for the homebrewer

  • Bottle Priming Sugar
  • IBU
  • Pitch Rate
  • Label Printer

Running Hops

Running Hops is easy and fast, just start the docker image and Hops will be served on port 5000


Ingredient database is used from BrewDB

Environment variables

Variable Description
firebaseApiKey API key used to store inventory and recipes
YourlsApiKey API key used to create short share urls for recipes