basic logger for nodejs supporting error, warning, debug and info messages with timestamp.
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Basic logger for nodejs supporting error, warning, info, debug and trace messages with (or without) timestamp. Everything you log is printed to the console.


npm install basic-logger


var Logger = require('basic-logger');
// configure level one time, it will be set to every instance of the logger
Logger.setLevel('warning'); // only warnings and errors will be shown
Logger.setLevel('warning', true); // only warnings and errors will be shown and no message about the level change will be printed

var customConfig = {
	showMillis: true;
	showTimestamp: true;

var log = new Logger(customConfig) // custom config parameters will be used, defaults will be used for the other parameters

log.error('An error occurred');
log.warn('I am not kidding!');'you just screwed this');
log.debug('this code is still alive...');
log.trace('we are here.');

Config options

  • showTimestamp - Show the timestamp with every message.
  • showMillis - Show milliseconds in the timestamp.
  • printObjFunc - The function to apply objects to, if logged. Default is util.inspect.
  • prefix - String that is prepended to every message logged with this instance.


You'll need vows. Then just run npm test.

Future versions

  • support for colored log messages
  • log to file