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TODO: binding example

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adriaanm committed Mar 25, 2014
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@@ -34,18 +34,21 @@ in some inner scope _shadows_ bindings of lower precedence in the
same scope as well as bindings of the same or lower precedence in outer
+<!-- TODO: either the example, the spec, or the compiler is wrong
Note that shadowing is only a partial order. In a situation like
-val x = 1;
+val x = 1
- import p.x;
+ import p.x
neither binding of `x` shadows the other. Consequently, the
-reference to `x` in the third line above would be ambiguous.
+reference to `x` in the last line of the block above would be ambiguous.
A reference to an unqualified (type- or term-) identifier $x$ is bound
by the unique binding, which

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