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Sample Callback Server written in Node
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This is a simple callback server for Scale API, written in Node.js and backed by MongoDB.

You can deploy a callback server to Heroku in seconds and save all your tasks and responses to MongoDB.

Deploy to Heroku

  1. If you haven't already, sign up for a free Scale API account. Note your Scale Callback Auth Key, which you will use during deployment.
  2. Deploy

Using the Callback Server

Once your server is deployed, you can start using it as your callback_url for your Scale tasks.

You should specify the callback_url as https://[YOUR_APP_NAME], where [YOUR_APP_NAME] is replaced with your Heroku app name.

Accessing the Responses

Your tasks will be saved to the tasks collection of the provided MongoDB database. The schema will be identical to the schema specified in our docs. By default, it will provision a new mLab instance, which you can access through your Heroku dashboard.


Chat with us on Scale's Slack channel :)

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