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Fluent Migrations framework for .net
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Latest commit cac48b7 @tommarien tommarien Bump patch to 1.6.1
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doc added file in the migration class
lib Bridge NUnit.Should to Shouldly
packages Use SemVer on nugets fixes #623
src Bump patch to 1.6.1
tools upgrades rake script for Albacore v2
.editorconfig Added .editorconfig for sharing formatting
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes and fix line endings
.gitignore Added TimestampedMigrationAttribute including code coverage.
.travis.yml Make sure travis does not hang waiting for user-input (related to #601)
CI.proj Changes for TravisCI Specify tab size for Ruby code
FluentMigrator (2010).sln Revert 2010 Solution version change
FluentMigrator (2010).sln.DotSettings Added transaction handling to Jet, and corrected some typos
FluentMigrator.sln add support vor vs2012
Gemfile Added Gemfile to better manage gem dependencies.
Gemfile.lock Merge pull request #565 of daniellee/albacore_upgrade
LICENSE.txt linking assemblyinfos into solutioninfo to get version numbers aligned
README.textile Trigger build, some language adjustments
VERSION Bump patch to 1.6.1
build.bat Changes to build script to zip up sample into artifacts and setting u… set CLS compliance to true
default.msbuild Done necessary config and package changes closes #258
fluentmigrator.vssettings Added vssettings and ReSharper settings
rakefile.rb Rake script now adds CLSCompliant attribute



Fluent Migrator is a migration framework for .NET much like Ruby on Rails Migrations. Migrations are a structured way to alter your database schema and are an alternative to creating lots of sql scripts that have to be run manually by every developer involved. Migrations solve the problem of evolving a database schema for multiple databases (for example, the developer’s local database, the test database and the production database). Database schema changes are described in classes written in C# that can be checked into a version control system.

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The build is generously hosted and run on the CodeBetter TeamCity infrastructure.
Latest build status:

Our Mono build is hosted on Travis CI.
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A long list of everyone that has contributed to FluentMigrator. Thanks for all the Pull Requests!


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