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OrgClockTray displays your org-mode clock time in a tray icon in Windows' Taskbar.

If you use org-mode to clock your work time, and your work requires you to use tools other than emacs, you may find yourself switching back and forth to check the time, or make sure that you've clocked-in at all and didn't clock-out by mistake.

If this is the case, OrgClockTray is for you.


Icon displayed when the clock is running:

Icon displayed when the clock's running

Since the space within a 16x16 pixel icon is relatively limited, the total time is converted to hours, which is displayed as a decimal number. Double and triple-digit numbers are displayed as an integer.

Icon displayed when idle:

Icon displayed when idle


  1. In order for OrgClockTray to know about your clock time, you'll need to add the following lisp code to your emacs' init file so that your clock time can be exported to an external file. OrgClockTray will read and display that time accordingly.

     (defun current-clock-time-to-file ()
       (with-temp-file "~/.emacs.d/.task"
         (if (org-clocking-p)
           (insert (org-clock-get-clock-string))
           (insert ""))))
     (run-with-timer 1 60 'current-clock-time-to-file)
     (add-hook 'org-clock-in-hook 'current-clock-time-to-file)
     (add-hook 'org-clock-out-hook 'current-clock-time-to-file)
  2. Download the latest OrgClockTray release here.

  3. Optional: Put a shortcut to OrgClockTray.exe into your Startup folder.

  4. Test: Clock-in and watch OrgClockTray display the time in a tray icon.

Note: By default, OrgClockTray reads from a file named .task, which is located in your ~/.emacs.d/ directory. You can modify the file path in the lisp code to export the time to another file path, which you'll need to pass to OrgClockTray as a command line argument, e. g. OrgClockTray.exe C:\path\to\my\.task.


Display your emacs org-mode clock time in a tray icon in Windows' Taskbar






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