A tool for structuring and visualizing your family genogram
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This is a two-part tool for creating a genogram, which is similar to a family tree but includes extra information such as medical and psychological history.

The generator, currently in C#, provides a fluent DSL for describing your family members and their relationships. It can then emit the JSON expected by the visualizer, which draws the genogram using JavaScript and the D3.js library.



In the above example, the family info was generated by the C# generator, and the tree is drawn using d3.js.

Current Status

Work in progress. Not doin' anything interesting, yet.

Don't Commit Your Family

Meaning, don't push a data file containing your family particulars into your fork on GitHub. Please.

Genogram data is highly sensitive, both for preventing identity theft and for avoiding strife within your family. The way you characterize a relationship might be surprising, and even hurtful, to another member of the family.

Even though it would be cool to see the application in all its varied uses, please don't post your actual family genogram on the internet. Stay safe, y'all.