JSR-223-compliant MATLAB scripting plugin.
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MATLAB Scripting

This library provides a JSR-223-compliant scripting plugin for the MATLAB language.

It is implemented as a ScriptLanguage plugin for the SciJava Common platform, which means that in addition to being usable directly as a javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory, it also provides some functionality on top, such as the ability to generate lines of script code based on SciJava events.

For a complete list of scripting languages available as part of the SciJava platform, see the Scripting page on the SciJava Common wiki.

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  • Requires a valid MATLAB installation!
  • Preferences may not be persistable
  • Basic MATLAB evaluations can be done remotely (from an applicaiton running externally to MATLAB). However, transfer of more complex objects (e.g. via script parameters) requires running of scripts from within MATLAB. See MIJI.