Wrapper to expose Renjin in the SciJava scripting framework
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Renjin Scripting

This library provides a scripting plugin wrapping the Renjin Java implementation of the R language.

It is implemented as a ScriptLanguage plugin for the SciJava Common platform, which means that in addition to being usable directly as a javax.script.ScriptEngineFactory, it also provides some functionality on top, such as the ability to generate lines of script code based on SciJava events.

For a complete list of scripting languages available as part of the SciJava platform, see the Scripting page on the SciJava Common wiki.

Here is an example annotated R script:

# @ScriptService ss
# @OUTPUT String name
language <- ss$getLanguageByName('R')
name <- language$languageName

Known limitations or quirks:

  • Variables outside the Global environment scope may not persist after the script runs. If you need to access a variable after running the script, it is safer to use global assignment ("<<-" or "assign()");
  • "Bean" properties can be accessed via both the getter (obj$getName()) or as property (obj$name)
  • Methods of Java objects must be referrenced via the dollar functions (obj$function)