Checkbox component for React native
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Checkbox component for React native


Install the component through npm using:

npm install react-native-checkbox --save


import CheckBox from 'react-native-checkbox';

  onChange={(checked) => console.log('I am checked', checked)}


  • label : text that will be displayed along the checkbox
  • labelBefore : position the label before the checkbox (boolean). The default value is false
  • labelStyle : style object that will be applied to the label
  • checked : initial checked value
  • checkedImage: checked image (e.g.: require('PATH_TO_IMAGE'))
  • checkboxStyle : style object that will be applied to the checkbox
  • uncheckedImage: unchecked image (e.g.: require('PATH_TO_IMAGE'))
  • onChange : callback function that will be invoked with the toggled checked property as argument.
  • containerStyle : style object that will be applied to the container
  • underlayColor : style the touchable component underlay color
  • accessible : indicates whether view is an accessible element
  • accessibilityLabel : maps to content description / label for Android automation
  • testID : maps to id / name for iOS automation