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wappalyzer-python -- UNMAINTAINED

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Python wrapper for Wappalizer (utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites)

Warning: this package is not maintained anymore.

Scrapinghub and Javier Casas, the original author, have no plans to support wappalyzer-python in the foreseeable future (this includes fixing bugs, supporting upgraded dependencies like PyV8 etc.)

If you are interested in continuing the work, please get in touch via so that we can discuss transferring ownership of this repository.

How to use it

>>> from wappalyzer import Wappalyzer
>>> w = Wappalyzer()

>>> w.analyze('')
{u'Apache': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'web-servers']},
u'Varnish': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'cache-tools']}}

>>> w.analyze('')
{u'Apache': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'web-servers']},
u'Google Analytics': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'analytics']},
u'comScore': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'analytics']}}

>>> w.analyze('')
{u'reCAPTCHA': {u'confidence': 100, u'version': u'', u'categories': [u'captchas']}}

You can specify the User-Agent to use:

>>> w.analyze('', user_agent='your_user_agent')

Or analyze from already downloaded pages (in this case you'll need to have the url and response headers too):

>>> w.analyze_from_data(url=the_url, html=the_html, headers=the_response_headers)

Apps and Categories are available as dict objects:

>>> w.apps
{u'Google Wallet': {u'website': u'', u'cats': [41], u'script': [u'checkout\\.google\\.com',
u'wallet\\.google\\.com']}, u'Lockerz Share': ...}

>>> w.categories
{u'42': u'tag-managers', u'48': u'network-storage', u'43': u'paywalls', u'49': u'feed-readers', u'24':
u'rich-text-editors', u'25': u'javascript-graphics', u'26': u'mobile-frameworks', ...}

Data can be also updated with the latest version available from the Wappalyzer Github repo:

>>> from wappalyzer import updater
>>> updater.update_all()

By default app icons will be updated to the data/icons folder, in case you need them somewhere else you can specify the destination folder:

>>> from wappalyzer import updater
>>> updater.update_all(icons_folder='your_icons_folder')

Or update them individually:

>>> updater.update_icons(icons_folder='your_icons_folder')


Note for macos users: If you have problems installing PyV8 you can use PyV8-OS-X:

pip install -e git://


Using setup:

python install

Using pypi:

pip install wappalyzer-python


UNMAINTAINED Python wrapper for Wappalyzer (utility that uncovers the technologies used on websites)






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