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scribblec is a command line tool for validating the well-formedness of Scribble global protocols and peforming the projection to local protocols.

Building and running the scribblec tool has been tested on Ubuntu Linux and Cygwin/Windows.

Building the tool

  • Requirements: Java RE 7 or later, Python 2.7.3 or higher

  • From the scribble-python base directory:


Running the tool

  • Requirements: Python 2.7.3 or higher

We use the test/popl4/Neogitation1.scr Scribble source file as an example.

  • To validate the well-formedness of all global protocols, from the scribble-python base directory:

    run/scribblec test/popl14/Negotiation1.scr

  • To additionally project the "Negotiate" global protocol in this file to the local protocol for role "Consumer", to the output directory "output":

    run/scribblec test/popl14/Negotiation1.scr -project popl14.Negotiation1.Negotiate Consumer -o output