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Applications for any device with HTML, CSS and JavaScript - free and open source!
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App Framework      

iOS and Android Apps with HTML & JavaScript - App Framework combines great pieces of open source code to support your whole workflow with useful scripts and your app with powerful plugins. With App Framework, you could spend your time for your next amazing App and not for the tricky stuff around - free and open source!


Setup your project:

  • Creation of a lightweight and well-organized project folder, ready to publish on GitHub

Design your application:

Develop your application:s

Test your application:

  • Integrated configurable code check and fix with ESLint, based on Airbnb or Standard JavaScript
  • Local development server with live reload, perfectly to use together with Chrome DevTools
  • Test your application on any iOS or Android device with an emulator or on your own device
  • Use a development Firebase project with automatic database and storage rule update

Build your application:

  • Build process with version bump and compression of all HTML, CSS, JavaScript and image files
  • Generation of favicons, touch icons and splash screens out of a single image file
  • Phone frame around your application on big screens, so you can offer desktop access with charm
  • Automatic build as web application, to be used online and offline in the browser
  • Automatic Apple Xcode project build with Cordova
  • Automatic Android Studio project build with Cordova
  • App Framework builds score very good at performance tests like Google Lighthouse or YSlow

Deploy your application:

Backup your project:

  • Download the Firebase database content and user list to local JSON files
  • Snapshot creation of all important project files to backup on any external drive or cloud service



Demo App

| Unfortunately, Apple removed all demo apps from their store as demo apps are not accepted anymore in general.

Download on the App Store Play     Get it on Google Play     Open as Web App


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