The SDKMAN! Command Line Interface


The Software Development Kit Manager Command Line Interface

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SDKMAN is a tool for managing parallel Versions of multiple Software Development Kits on any Unix based system. It provides a convenient command line interface for installing, switching, removing and listing Candidates.

See documentation on the SDKMAN! website.


Open your favourite terminal and enter the following:

$ curl -s | bash

If the environment needs tweaking for SDKMAN to be installed, the installer will prompt you accordingly and ask you to restart.

Running the Cucumber Features

All SDKMAN's BDD tests describing the CLI behaviour are written in Cucumber and can be found under src/test/cucumber/sdkman. These can be run with Gradle by running the following command:

$ ./gradlew test

To perform development, you will need to have a JDK 8 or higher installed which can be obtained by running the following after installing SDKMAN:

$ sdk install java

Using Docker for tests

You can run the tests in a Docker container to guarantee a clean test environment.

$ docker build --tag=sdkman-cli/gradle .
$ docker run --rm -it sdkman-cli/gradle test

By running the following command, you don't need to wait for downloading Gradle wrapper and other dependencies. The test reports can be found under the local build directory.

$ docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/usr/src/app -v $HOME/.gradle:/root/.gradle sdkman-cli/gradle test

Local Installation

To install SDKMAN locally running against your local server, run the following commands:

$ ./gradlew install
$ source ~/.sdkman/bin/

Or run install locally with Production configuration:

$ ./gradlew -Penv=production install
$ source ~/.sdkman/bin/