Workshop Materials for my Introduction to Vue.js Workshop
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Introduction to Vue Workshop Materials

Starter Materials for Introduction to Vue.js Workshop Author: Sarah Drasner

This repo houses the materials and resources for the Introduction to Vue.js. Most of the materials for the course are outlined below, but there are also directories housed here of very basic examples of some of the techniques we will cover so that students don't have to spend a lot of time researching in order to get started. It is recommended that students use CodePen to create work for the duration of the course, as we'll use preprocessors like SCSS as well as Babel for ES6, and resources like Vue.js, both prod and dev versions, codepen makes it easy to do so without time devoted to setup. If you like, you can also scroll to the CodePen collection section and fork one of the existing pens in those collections, they are comprehensive. There are more true-to-life build process examples, in the VueCLI, Nuxt, and Vuex Resource Sections. It's encouraged to watch the lecture to learn how to set up the builds yourself, though.

Here are the Vue chrome devtools

Here is the codepen debugger chrome extension

Here are the snippets I'll be using vue sublime snippets

For sections covering Nuxt, we will be using the directories listed in the Nuxt section below as well as their directories, prefixed with nuxt- here.


All slides have password !vue!


Included in this repo are some very basic starter kits.

VueCLI Resources

There's a directory you can use as a Vue-CLI starter kit:

  • setup1

Nuxt Resources

There are directories you can use as Nuxt starter kits:

  • setup2
  • nuxt-css-animation-starter
  • nuxt-js-animation-starter
  • nuxt-fixed-transition-modes

Vuex Resources

There's a directory you can use as a Vuex starter kit:

  • vuex-example

Here are the directories for the Vuex exercise:

  • commentform-problem
  • commentform-solution


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License