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This helper allows you to access to MVC routes in your Javascript files.
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Javascript Mvc Route Helper

This helper allows you to access to MVC routes in your Javascript files.

It provides a Javascript equivalent of Url.Action.


  1. Add a reference to Sor.JavascriptMvcRouteHelper in your MVC Project.

  2. Add a new route in the Global.asax file. The route must be of type Sor.JavascriptMvcRouteHelper.DiscoverableRoute, must be the first route and must not use the action parameter.

routes.Add(new Sor.JavascriptMvcRouteHelper.DiscoverableRoute("discoverableroute/{controller}"));
  1. Update your controller class for which you want to access to MVC routes by extending Sor.JavascriptMvcRouteHelper.DiscoverableController.

  2. To access to the actions urls of a controller, add a reference to a script using the route declared in the step 2.

<script src="/discoverableroute/{controller-name}"></script>

Replace {controller-name} with the name of your controller.

  1. To access to the routes, use the variable $mvc.

For example, use this instruction to access to the URL of the LogOn action of the Account controller.

More informations

GitHub Repository :

Nuget package :

More informations about the implementation just here (in French only) :

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