A node.js wrapper for the etherscan api to fetch data and metadata from the ethereum blockchain
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Etherscan API

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A way to access the etherscan.io api using promises. Fetch a diverse set of information about the blockchain.


var api = require('etherscan-api').init('YourApiKey');
var balance = api.account.balance('0xde0b295669a9fd93d5f28d9ec85e40f4cb697bae');

Example in the wild

For testnet usage


  • morden
  • ropsten
  • rinkeby


// apikey, network, timeout
var api = require('etherscan-api').init('YourApiKey','rinkeby'. '3000');


npm install etherscan-api --save

API Documentation

Full Api Docs

Development workflow

  • npm test - runs tests
    • npm run posttest - starts the linter
  • npm run lint - preconfigured linter
  • npm run docs - generates the apidocs
  • npm run bundle - builds a new bundle
  • npm run preversion - Steps before we create a new Tag
    • lint
    • changelog
  • npm run pages - pushes generated apidocs to the server
  • postversion - after generating a new version, push the tag to the server
  • npm run changelog - generates a changelog and pushes it