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FontPro source distribution

FontPro provides scripts that automatically generate all necessary files to use Adobe Minion Pro, Adobe Myriad Pro and Adobe Cronos Pro with (pdf)latex. In contrast to other solutions, the supplied LaTeX packages provide extensive math support in the case of Minion and Myriad. The swash letters of CronosPro can be used as mathcal symbols with MyriadPro's math (option crswash).


The scripts need the LCDF Typetools to run. Version 2.85 or later is required; certain recent font versions need version 2.99 or later. Furthermore, standard Unix tools such as bash, sed and ed are required and the following LaTeX packages, which are currently included in a complete TeXLive or MikTeX installation, are necessary:

  • fontinst v1.925 or better
  • fontaxes package
  • MnSymbol for MinionPro, MdSymbol for MyriadPro
  • fltpoint package
  • tabfigures package (optional)
  • fontware package (usually, but not always, comes with your Tex distribution)

Supported font styles

For the basic set-up (smallfamily LaTeX package option), the regular and bold face font are required together with their respective italic version. This set-up can be extended with the semibold face and its italic (medfamily option), and even further with the medium face and its italic (fullfamily option).

Furthermore, the optical sizes Caption, Text, Subhead and Display are supported independently from the set-up above (opticals option). Here, every font file has to be available in every optical size.

For Myriad Pro, also the light and the black weight can be used (see documentation).

Extended or condensed font styles are not supported.


The following describes the build process. Here, $ at the beginning of the line indicates the shell command prompt. Under Windows, Cygwin is required; either install the LCDF type tools in Cygwin from source or install the texlive-font-fontutils package.

  1. Put the sources in a folder.

  2. Create an otf directory in that folder and copy your OpenType font files into the otf directory:

     $ mkdir otf
     $ cp /some/path/*.otf otf

    MinionPro and MyriadPro font files normally follow the naming scheme assumed in the scripts. Make sure that the CronosPro files are of the form


    resulting in for example

  3. Run the main script makeall:

     $ ./scripts/makeall $FONT [options]

    Currently, $FONT can be MinionPro, MyriadPro or CronosPro.

    makeall has some options, which normally you do not need to use.

     --verbose            show warning messages from otftotfm
     --quiet              omit these messages (default)
     --pack=<glyph-list>  explicitly name the glyph list

    The glyph list of the last option is used to reduce the number of generated files and the size of the map file. This speeds up the compilation slightly but does not affect the output. The default behaviour without the --pack option is to use the glyph list that fits to your font version; if this glyph list is not available in the scripts folder, it can be generated using after a successful build. The --pack option can only be used if all you font files are of the same version.

    Furthermore, you can specify which metrics to create:

     --smallcaps          create small caps metrics (default)
     --nosmallcaps        turn --smallcaps off
     --swash              create swash metrics (default)
     --noswash            turn --swash off
     --greek              create greek metrics (default)
     --nogreek            turn --greek off
     --cyrillic           create cyrillic metrics (default)
     --nocyrillic         turn --cyrillic off
     --vietnamese         create vietnamese metrics (default)
     --novietnamese       turn --vietnamese off
     --expanded           create expanded metrics for pdftex
     --noexpanded         turn --expanded off (default)
     --kern               add some missing kerning pairs (default)
     --nokern             use the original Adobe kerning
     --ligatures          provide standard ligatures (default)
     --noligatures        provide no ligatures
     --wide-spacing       increase the sidebearings of quote glyphs
     --narrow-spacing     turn --wide-spacing off (default)

    The --expanded option allows to use the font expansion feature of microtype even with pdftex in dvi mode but increases the run-time of makeall and the number of produced files considerably.


Under Linux-like environments, use the following commands to install the font:

  1. Run the install script. The default folder is TEXMFLOCAL, which can be queried by kpsewhich -expand-var='$TEXMFLOCAL'.

     $ ./scripts/install 

    root permissions are usually required in TEXMFLOCAL. Alternatively, you can specify the directory where the files should be put, for example in TEXMFHOME. Depending on your system, this could look like

     $ ./scripts/install $HOME/texmf

    (If you use a TeX distribution older than 2005 which does not follow TDS v1.1, uncomment the "old directory folders" in the install script!)

  2. Add $ to the default font map files by

     $ updmap-sys --enable Map=$

    for a system-wide installation. Use updmap or, on a recent TeXLive distribution, updmap-user instead of updmap-sys for a user-based installation.

Under Windows with MikTeX, do the following:

  1. Run in the Cygwin Bash

     $ ./scripts/install /cygdrive/c/path/to/Miktex

    where c/path/to/Miktex is the path to the Miktex installation tree of choice.

  2. In the Windows prompt, issue

     initexmf -u
     initexmf --admin --edit-config-file updmap

    Add the following in the editor:

     Map $

    and save. Afterwards, run

     initexmf --mkmaps

Cleaning up of the building folder

If you want to install another font, it is recommended to do a

$ ./scripts/clean

or to start from a fresh building folder.


Use the FONT with


By default, the MinionPro package modifies the default serif and the main math fonts; the MyriadPro and CronosPro change only the sans serif font. In the latter case, if you want to use the respective font as your main document's font, you probably have to set


All valid options of the font packages are included in the documentation, which is provided in the doc folder and which can also be generated after installing with

latex $FONT.dtx

The dtx file resides in the tex folder.

If you get errors about insufficient memory you might need to increase the values of font_mem_size and font_max in your TeX configuration. For most distributions, these can be changed in the file texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf. For MiKTeX the file is called miktex.ini.

Maintainer and acknowledgement

The scripts and LaTeX packages are maintained by Sebastian Schubert

They have been forked from the amazing MinionPro scripts and package written by Achim Blumensath, Andreas Bühmann and Michael Zedler.

The part of this README concerning Cygwin is based on this entry.

All files are public domain.


LaTeX support for Adobe's Pro opentype fonts: Minion Pro, Myriad Pro, Cronos Pro and possibly more



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