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What is Code Pulse?

Code Pulse is a real-time code coverage tool. It works by monitoring Java applications while they run, keeps track of coverage data, and shows you what's being called and when.

Quick Start

  1. Install Code Pulse
  2. Run Code Pulse
  3. Create a project in Code Pulse
  4. Connect your Java application to the project you created
  5. Watch as Code Pulse traces your application

If you're looking to test the water with a sample application, we recommend using the OWASP Webgoat or WAVSEP projects.

Detailed Overview

For a more detailed view into how to use Code Pulse, consult these pages:

  • Installation - helps you get Code Pulse running on your computer.
  • Creating Projects - tells you how to make a project for your application
  • Sharing Projects - tells you how to share your project with a friend or coworker, or how to use a project that they shared with you!
  • Managing Projects - tells you how to navigate between projects, among other things
  • Exploring Projects - explains what Code Pulse can tell you about your projects
  • Agent Configuration - helps you make your Java application work with Code Pulse
  • Tracing Projects - shows you how to trace your projects, and what happens while tracing