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Render the analytics.js snippet.
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Render the analytics.js snippet.

The recommended way to use analytics.js is to follow the analytics.js quickstart guide. If you absolutely need to generate a snippet dynamically, this is an alternate solution. Note that when using this in-browser, the global analytics object will not be defined until the snippet is rendered and executed.

This package is supported on IE8+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari 9, Microsoft Edge, Node.js 0.10+

For IE7 support, install a global JSON polyfill on the page prior to loading this package.


var snippet = require('@segment/snippet');

var contents = snippet.max({
  host: '',
  apiKey: '03fwkuu3',
  page: {
    category: 'Docs',
    name: 'Integrations',
    properties: {
      foo: 'bar'



Returns the maxified version of the analytics.js snippet given a set of options:

  • host: the domain name where the analytics.js script is hosted.
  • apiKey: the apiKey to load in the snippet.
  • page: the options to pass to if page is false, then the page() call will be omitted.
  • load: if set to false the load() call will be omitted. This is useful for if you want dynamically control the load process on the client-side for things like GDPR.


Returns the minified version of the snippet.

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