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Easily validate a form element against a set of rules.
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Easily validate a form element against a set of rules. The rules can be sync or async, and the form submission will wait.


$ component install segmentio/validate-form


var validate = require('validate-form');
var form = document.getElementById('#form');

    .is('required', 'Please enter your email.')
    .is('minimum', 8, 'Minimum 8 characters.')
    .is(function (value) {
      return value != 'password');
    }, 'Come on now...');



Create a new validator for a given form el.


Add a field to the validator by its name attribute. You can also just pass the input el directly.

#is(fn, [message])

Add a validation fn with an optional error message.

#is(string, [message])

Add a validation function by its shorthand string with an optional error message.

#is(regexp, [message])

Add a validation regexp with an optional error message.

#is(string, settings..., [message])

Add a validation function that takes optional settings... and returns a regular validation function. This would be for things like minimum length, which require a length number.


Trigger the validation on an event in addition to submit. For example 'blur'.


Validate the form manually and callback(err, valid, msg).


Set the value adapter fn, for retrieving the value of the element being validated. By default it will use component/value.


Set the invalid adapter fn, for marking the element as invalid. By default this will add an invalid class to the element and append a message label element.


Set the valid adapter fn, for marking the element as valid. By default, this will remove an invalid class and any message elements.


  • RegExp - validates against a RegExp.
  • 'required' - requires a non-empty value.
  • 'email' - requires an email address.
  • 'url' - requires a URL.
  • 'domain' - requires a domain name.
  • 'color' - requires a hex, RGB or HSL color string.
  • 'hex' - requires a hex color string.
  • 'rgb' - requires an RGB color string.
  • 'hsl' - requires an HSL color string.
  • 'minimum', length - requires a minimum length of characters. (also min)
  • 'maximum', length - requires a maximum length of characters. (also max)
  • 'equal', other - requires that this field has the same value as other field



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