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Posys Build Status

A Point of Sale system for the modern age.


If installing on windows, you may need --msvs_version=<your_vs_version> to install the printer module correctly. It's really finnicky.

  • clone the repository
  • install postgresql
  • npm install -g ionic
  • npm install
  • create src/server/server.config.json (sample below)
  • npm run migrate:latest (set up the database)
  • npm run seed:run (get some sample data in the db to work with)
  • npm start:server (in one terminal)
  • npm start (in another terminal)

Sample server.config.json

  "server": {
    "port": 8080
  "db": {
    "hostname": "localhost",
    "username": "postgres",
    "password": "postgres",
    "database": "posys"

Further setup is done at runtime.

Building For Electron

You should just be able to run npm run build:osx:dev or npm run build:win:dev. There is a task for dist/asar but there are currently some issues with it.


See a gallery on imgur.

Hardware Recommendations

  • A barcode scanner (this application makes heavy use of an "omni search" input which allows for text entry even when not focused, to facilitate quick lookup of items - a barcode scanner is used in testing and makes the interface significantly easier to use)
  • A receipt printer (STAR or Epson-compatible)
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