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pylox is Python implementation of Lox programming language which is a demo language from Crafting Interpreters book by Bob Nystrom.

I'm doing this because:

  1. I want to learn about language design and implementation
  2. I don't want to just read the book or copy and paste the code from it and I want to do something else than C or Java
  3. Python is my main language these days and I want to use something I'm most comfortable with
  4. Maybe after Python version I decide to reimplement it (or make my own toy language) in Go. Or force myself to learn Rust which seems like a good idea.
  5. Fun.

This is work in progress.


Python 3.6 for no particular reasons except f-strings are used in few places. Other than that, it could easily be ported to even Python 2.7 (but I don't plan to).

Install it

pip install pylox

Make sure you run it with Python3, I suggest you install it inside virtualenv.

Run it

from source:

python3 -m pylox [script]

or if installed via pip:

pylox [script]