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Sendbird Desk for JavaScript sample

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Built with Sendbird Chat platform, Sendbird Desk is a live chat customer support that offers customer satisfaction through enhanced engagement. Through its integration, Desk SDK for JavaScript enables you to easily customize your ticketing support system with a UI theme, thereby elevating your overall customers’ experience. For example, you can modify the inbox - a management tool and storage unit for the agents’ and tickets’ conversations - to fit within your color scheme and layout.

More about Sendbird Desk for JavaScript

Find out more about Sendbird Desk for JavaScript on Desk for JavaScript doc. If you need any help in resolving any issues or have questions, visit our community.

Before getting started

This section shows you the prerequisites you need for testing Sendbird Desk for JavaScript sample app.


  • NodeJS 10.13.x+ along with NPM

Browser support

  • Modern browsers supporting ES6+ (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari, etc)
  • IE 11+
  • Mobile browsers (Android/iOS)

Try the sample app using your data

If you would like to customize the sample app for your usage, you can replace the default sample app ID with your ID - which you can obtain by creating your Sendbird application from the dashboard.

Note: After creating the Sendbird application, please be sure to contact sales to enable the Desk menu onto the dashboard. Currently, Sendbird Desk is available only for free-trial or Enterprise plans.

Following the previous instructions will allow you to experience the sample app with your data from the Sendbird application.

Getting started

This section explains the steps you need to take before testing the sample app.

Use npm

Using npm, you can install and build the sample as follows:

npm install
npm run build

Run demo

Access local server by typing on your web browser after executing the command as follows:

npm run demo

For further reference

Please visit the following link to learn more about Desk SDK for JavaScript:


Sendbird Desk for JavaScript sample for fast and easy implementation of a customizable live chat customer support system on Sendbird Chat platform.







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