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Ignore case on HTTP header (HTTP/2 compatibility) - master branch

See #145

As stated in the [RFC of HTTP/2](  header field names MUST be converted to lowercase.


a6fd4f8 ignore case on HTTP header (HTTP/2 compatibility, see #145)
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SensioLabs Security Checker

The SensioLabs Security Checker is a command line tool that checks if your application uses dependencies with known security vulnerabilities. It uses the Security Check Web service and the Security Advisories Database.

TIP: As an alternative, you can use the Symfony CLI tool that has the following advantages: it does not depend on PHP, all checks are done locally (no calls to the API):

$ symfony security:check


Download the security-checker.phar file:

$ php security-checker.phar security:check /path/to/composer.lock

Use the code from the repository directly:

$ composer install
$ php security-checker security:check /path/to/composer.lock


The checker uses the Symfony Console component; so, you can easily integrate the checker into your own project:

  • by using the SecurityCheckerCommand class into your Symfony Console application;

  • by using the SecurityChecker class directly into your own code:

     use SensioLabs\Security\SecurityChecker;
     $checker = new SecurityChecker();
     $result = $checker->check('/path/to/composer.lock', 'json');
     $alerts = json_decode((string) $result, true);