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The Sequelize Command Line Interface (CLI)

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Make sure you have Sequelize installed. Then install the Sequelize CLI to be used in your project with

npm install --save-dev sequelize-cli

And then you should be able to run the CLI with

npx sequelize --help


Sequelize CLI [Node: 10.21.0, CLI: 6.0.0, ORM: 6.1.0]

sequelize <command>

  sequelize db:migrate                        Run pending migrations
  sequelize db:migrate:schema:timestamps:add  Update migration table to have timestamps
  sequelize db:migrate:status                 List the status of all migrations
  sequelize db:migrate:undo                   Reverts a migration
  sequelize db:migrate:undo:all               Revert all migrations ran
  sequelize db:seed                           Run specified seeder
  sequelize db:seed:undo                      Deletes data from the database
  sequelize db:seed:all                       Run every seeder
  sequelize db:seed:undo:all                  Deletes data from the database
  sequelize db:create                         Create database specified by configuration
  sequelize db:drop                           Drop database specified by configuration
  sequelize init                              Initializes project
  sequelize init:config                       Initializes configuration
  sequelize init:migrations                   Initializes migrations
  sequelize init:models                       Initializes models
  sequelize init:seeders                      Initializes seeders
  sequelize migration:generate                Generates a new migration file      [aliases: migration:create]
  sequelize model:generate                    Generates a model and its migration [aliases: model:create]
  sequelize seed:generate                     Generates a new seed file           [aliases: seed:create]

  --version  Show version number                                                  [boolean]
  --help     Show help                                                            [boolean]

Please specify a command


All contributions are accepted as a PR.

  • You can file issues by submitting a PR (with test) as a test case.
  • Implement new feature by submitting a PR
  • Improve documentation by submitting PR to Sequelize

Please read the contributing guidelines.