Slack bot that links to YouTrack issues
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Hermetic is a Slack bot for YouTrack integration. It has the following features:

  • Reply with an issue overview attachment whenever an issue code is mentioned.
  • Slash commands:
    • /yt-add ProjectID [@assignee] [#tag] Title text Add a YouTrack issue.
    • /yt-cmd issue-ID youtrack command Run a YouTrack command on an issue.


Copy config/example-config.exs to config/config.exs and fill in the secrets.

Run nix-shell in the root of the repo to pull in elixir. Run mix deps.get to pull in dependencies and install hex if asked. Run iex -S mix to get a repl, mix test to check no tests are breaking and mix dialyzer to do type checking. The last one takes a while on the first run.