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  1. AWS Step Functions plugin for Serverless Framework ⚡️

    JavaScript 931 181

  2. This Serverless Framewrok plugin supports the AWS service proxy integration feature of API Gateway.

    JavaScript 228 55

  3. This is a Atom editor package which allows you to deploy and visualize your serverless service with Serverless Framework on Atom.

    JavaScript 51 8

  4. A Serverless Framework plugin to create your Lambda@Edge against a pre-existing CloudFront.

    JavaScript 49 16

  5. A boilerplate to build an AWS serverless enterprise application for Python

    Python 22 3

  6. jeffy Public

    Forked from marcy-terui/jeffy

    Jeffy is Serverless "Application" Framework for Python, which is suite of Utilities for Lambda functions to make it easy to develop serverless applications.

    Python 92 11



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