A GPU-based renderer for the web
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Latest commit 067243b Feb 21, 2017 @bors-servo bors-servo committed on GitHub Auto merge of #902 - glennw:fix-inset-box-shadows, r=kvark
Fix inset box shadows with blur radius.

The geometry rects being sent for inset box shadows on the
blur path were incorrect.

The test coverage we have enabled in WPT/CSS only exercises the
inset fast path (where the blur radius is zero). Added a reftest
that just ensures inset box shadows at least draw something - this
is not ideal, but we don't have any proper infrastructure for
reftesting blurs right now. Also confirmed that the reftest fails
without this commit.

Fixes #893.

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GPU renderer for the Web content, used by Servo.

Update as a Dependency

After updating shaders in webrender, go to servo and:

  • Go to the servo directory and do ./mach update-cargo -p webrender
  • Create a pull request to servo

Use Webrender with Servo

To use a custom webrender with servo, go to your servo build directory and:

  • Edit Cargo.toml
  • Add at the end of the file:
"https://github.com/servo/webrender#0.11.0" = { path = 'Path/To/webrender/webrender/' }
"https://github.com/servo/webrender#webrender_traits:0.11.0" = { path = 'Path/To/webrender/webrender_traits' }
  • Build as normal


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