A GPU-based renderer for the web
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bors-servo Auto merge of #3218 - gw3583:prim-metadata, r=kvark
Remove PrimitiveMetadata struct.

It doesn't really serve any useful purpose anymore, and it
will slightly simplify things as we move to storing primitives
as interned / immutable data + prim instances.

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GPU renderer for the Web content, used by Servo.

Update as a Dependency

After updating shaders in WebRender, go to servo and:

  • Go to the servo directory and do ./mach update-cargo -p webrender
  • Create a pull request to servo

Use WebRender with Servo

To use a local copy of WebRender with servo, go to your servo build directory and:

  • Edit Cargo.toml
  • Add at the end of the file:
"webrender" = { path = "<path>/webrender" }
"webrender_api" = { path = "<path>/webrender_api" }

where <path> is the path to your local copy of WebRender.

  • Build as normal


The Wiki has a few pages describing the internals and conventions of WebRender.


Tests run using OSMesa to get consistent rendering across platforms.

Still there may be differences depending on font libraries on your system, for example.

See this gist for how to make the text tests useful in Fedora, for example.