pitch detection algorithms in C++
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Pitch detection algorithms

A collection of C++ pitch detection algorithms.

  • McLeod Pitch Method
  • YIN
  • Autocorrelation
  • DFT
  • Goertzel

MPM performs best on real musical instruments and voice; see pitcha and transcribe.


Depends on ffts.

$ make
$ FFT_FLAG="-DPORTABLE_XCORR" make # build with no FFTS
$ sudo make install

Use with #include <pitch_detection.h> and the flag -lpitch_detection.

To use in your code:

$ head -n1 main.cpp
#include <pitch_detection.h>
$ g++ main.cpp -lpitch_detection

NB: using input vectors of size power-of-2 will perform better due FFT optimizations.

Sinewave example

Depends on gflags:

$ sudo dnf install gflags-devel
$ make examples


$ ./bin/sinewave --help
Flags from example/sinewave.cpp:
    -algo (Algorithm to test) type: string default: "mpm"
    -frequency (Sinewave frequency in Hz) type: double default: -1
    -noise (Noise to introduce in %) type: double default: 0
    -sample_rate (Sample rate in Hz) type: uint64 default: 48000
    -size (Sine wave size (single channel)) type: uint64 default: 4096