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Modern & extendable local web development studio

DECK is powerful and high performant local web development studio unlike any other, install & try out more than 40+ open source stacks ☀️

  • A local web development studio to spin up almost any development environment effortlessly
  • Seamless GUI to create & manage multiple development environments
  • Cross-platform. It runs on macOS, Windows & Ubuntu
  • Automatic HTTPS, powered by LetsEncrypt
  • Test your code by switching multiple PHP, Nodejs, Apache, Nginx versions
  • A free & open-source marketplace to install, share local development environments
  • It is highly extensible by modifying Docker & docker-compose files
  • Create your own Docker projects as custom dev environment
  • Native support for Docker, doesn't require Docker Desktop app

Roadmap 🌱🌱🌱

  • Live reload for PHP, Javascript apps
  • Automatic sync with remote server using rsync
  • Share projects previews as public URLs
  • 🚀 Deploy projects to AWS, Google cloud & DigitalOcean

Click here to see in action >

Download DECK

macOS / Ubuntu / Windows

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Automatic HTTPS

DECK Automatic HTTPS

DECK's inbuilt SSL engine powered by LetsEncrypt and a supercharged proxy layer enables full HTTPS on localhost apps.

Unlimited projects, multiple server configurations

DECK Marketplace

Create any number of development environments right from your localhost. DECK's integrated marketplace lets you spin up stacks with just a click of a button. Popular web technologies such as LAMP, LEMP, MERN, MEAN, Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Magento & many more are available out of the box

Built-in Log output and Terminal

DECK Terminal

See real-time logs from your projects, access terminal to run shell commands, composer or npm

Native support for Docker without Docker Desktop

DECK has NO dependency on Docker Desktop app to run Docker containers. It just works out of the box with native support for Docker powered by Multipass on macOS & WSL 2 on Windows


See a full list of downloads here: