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tcassaert commented Nov 23, 2019

Describe the bug
When creating a board via the API, it is possible to create one, without providing a title, with an empty string. This is not possible in the UI.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Make a Post request with an empty title
  2. Board got created, with a blank title

Expected behavior
I'd expect an error, when there is an empty string provided


AnnanFay commented Oct 6, 2019

It's useful to show the sideboard during Bo1 games where you have a choice of playing a sideboard retrieval spell or doing something else. This bug has come up once or twice in the Discord server.

The mainboard often only has 8 different cards because you run full playsets and so they are easy to remember. The sideboard normally has 15 different cards, some of which are rarely played.


yhatt commented Aug 4, 2019

It would be good to fill the title for converted HTML automatically from the heading of title slide when --title option (and title global directive) is not passed.

We make this plan from TODO comment in Marp CLI meta plugin.

The other similar tool also has a plan for aut

jkarnowski commented Dec 15, 2017

Section titles should reflect what someone will learn by completing that section of the tutorial. To clarify, here's a suggestion:

Section Title Changes

1. Make a Map

2. Plot data on a map

3.Add layers to the map

4.Add a chart to the map

5. Handle events on the map

6. Enable different packages to interact on the map

axelboc commented Feb 17, 2020

TRANSLATION_SOURCES should clarify the overall guideline of following the main Wikipedia site for each laguage, even when their contents differ (notably capitals).

We should also mention that:

  • this guideline doesn't apply to flags, since translating the Flag field seems a lot of effort for just a few m

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