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React Native Tutorial

This is a simple mobile app example for posting comments in React Native. It connects the API at You can see a web client there, plus links to the source.


  1. Install the latest version of Xcode from AppStore or (Apple ID required)
  2. Install the latest version of Android Studio from
  3. Install nvm (Node Version Manager)
curl -o- | bash
  1. Install NodeJS stable
nvm install node
  1. Install React Native and recommended packages
npm install -g react-native-cli
brew install watchman
brew install flow
  1. Install npm dependencies
npm i
  1. Install Native Dependencies (maybe)
  • vector-icons

Customization in Native Files

Besides adding vector-icons

  1. App name
  2. Icons, both ios and android


Android Keystore

  1. Edit android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml

Backend API

  • Currently connecting by default to Be aware of that!
  • The url can be changed app/api/index.js. Keep in mind, that Android emulator is a separate Virtual Machine with its own localhost binding. To make the api available under that emulator, you will have to use ip address of your computer, which can be seen by running ifconfig in the shell

Running IOS

react-native run-ios

Running Android

  1. Check that installed build tools match gradle config of android project:
  • In gradle config (app > android > build.gradle), search buildToolsVersion
  • Run android sdk from bash and find installed build tools version there
  1. Run emulator from Android studio or emulator @<version> from bash (you can find installed version by running emulator -list-avds from bash)
  2. From project folder run
react-native run-android


Testing framework uses mocha + enzyme, to run tests type

npm test


This projects uses Eslint with React and React Native rules. To run linters type

npm run lint


This projects uses Eslint with React and React Native rules. To run linters type

npm run flow

Detailed docs

Can be found in docs folder. See Introduction to start.