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Latest, please read this blog and find out what it is good for.

The now contains files that will also include LittleFS in the firmware for esp32-cam, esp32 and esp8266. Please watch Damien George explaining what LittleFS is good for, at a Melbourne micropython meeting.

You can use LittleFS instead of FatFS(default) by doing these in REPL:

>>> import os
>>> os.VfsLfs2.mkfs(bdev)

You will save RAM if you use LittleFS. The FS setting will survive reboot and power cycle.

The files in the directories under are obsolete:

  1. esp32-cam-1-11-498
  2. esp32-cam-1-11-571

Please use files under Custommade_Template directory packed in the Better yet run to build custom made firmware.

If you're looking for a compiled firmware that support camera for your esp32-cam board then please click firmwares.

You can find some webcam server test scripts in webcam. Latest is a multi-threaded three ports web server. Serving webcam at port 80.

I record my works at feel free to drop by.