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Custom Integration for ISY994 with Home Assistant (for use with HACS)
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requirements.txt Update PyISY_beta to v2.0.0.dev8 Oct 8, 2019


This Custom Component is to update the ISY994 component with various bug fixes, better Z-Wave integration, device state attribute support, ISY Variables support, and add Climate support for Insteon and Z-Wave Thermostats that are exposed by the ISY994 Controller hub component. This will eventually be integrated into Home Assistant after PyISY updates are completed.

Change Log:

  • Move constants to a dedicated file.
  • Add support for Climate devices per climate-1.0 changes.
  • Expand ISY Z-Wave support by properly classifying devices using the attribute.
  • Fixes issues with device_state_attributes throwing Type errors and getting overwritten on updates from the ISY--now maintains a updatable dict and adds attributes when provided from the ISY EventStream (ISY doesn't always provide all attributes on the initial query).
  • Fixes ISY Heartbeats per #21996
  • Update ISYBinarySensorHeartbeat to report state on startup if available.
  • Revised comments to better clarify the behaviors of the heartbeat node in Home Assistant since it does not report the actual state of the ISY's sub-node (which could be on or off).
  • Add logic for Motion Sensor subnodes, update framework for Z-Wave IDs
  • Allow ISY Variables to be used as sensors, binary_sensors, and switches.
  • The isy994_control event has been updated to also expose value. This is expected to be a non-breaking change in PyISY; (PyISY's event is now a dict instead of a string, but will represent itself the same as the command string it used to pass). This change is vital to the climate integration, as some values are only made available from the event stream, not the node definition.


This repo is meant to be installed with HACS

Example entry for configuration.yaml (if applicable):

  host: !secret isy_url
  username: !secret isy_username
  password: !secret isy_password
      - id: 23
        type: 2
        unit_of_measurement: '%'
        device_class: 'battery'
      - id: 14
        type: 2
      - id: 5
        type: 2
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