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Little less sensible yet great vim defaults
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This plugin replaces lion's share of my .vimrc. A superset of vim-sensible.

It consists of two, well documented parts:


Just include with some package manager, like:

Plug 'sheerun/vimrc'

I recommend to use:

Example for simple .vimrc file:

" Select your Leader key
let mapleader = "\<Space>"

" vimrc includes this additional color scheme
colorscheme wombat256mod

call plug#begin()

Plug 'sheerun/vimrc'
Plug 'sheerun/vim-polyglot'
" Load other plugins

call plug#end()

" Define maps for your plugins
nnoremap <Leader>o :CtrlP<CR>



  • Disable strange Vi defaults.

    set nocompatible
  • Turn on filetype plugins (:help filetype-plugin).

    if has('autocmd')
      filetype plugin indent on
  • Enable syntax highlighting.

    if has('syntax')
      syntax enable
  • Autoindent when starting new line, or using o or O.

    set autoindent
  • Allow backspace in insert mode.

    set backspace=indent,eol,start
  • Don't scan included files. The .tags file is more performant.

    set complete-=i
  • Use 'shiftwidth' when using <Tab> in front of a line. By default it's used only for shift commands (<, >).

    set smarttab
  • Disable octal format for number processing.

    set nrformats-=octal
  • Allow for mappings including Esc, while preserving zero timeout after pressing it manually.

    set ttimeout
    set ttimeoutlen=100
  • Enable highlighted case-insensitive incremential search.

    set incsearch
  • Indent using two spaces.

    set tabstop=2
    set shiftwidth=2
    set expandtab
  • Use Ctrl-L to clear the highlighting of :set hlsearch.

    nnoremap <silent> <C-L> :nohlsearch<CR><C-L>
  • Always show window statuses, even if there's only one.

    set laststatus=2
  • Show the line and column number of the cursor position.

    set ruler
  • Show the size of block one selected in visual mode.

    set showcmd
  • Autocomplete commands using nice menu in place of window status. Enable Ctrl-N and Ctrl-P to scroll through matches.

    set wildmenu
  • When 'wrap' is on, display last line even if it doesn't fit.

    set display+=lastline
  • Force utf-8 encoding

    set encoding=utf-8
  • Set default whitespace characters when using :set list

    set listchars=tab:>\ ,trail:-,extends:>,precedes:<,nbsp:+
  • Delete comment character when joining commented lines

    if v:version > 703 || v:version == 703 && has("patch541")
      set formatoptions+=j
  • Search upwards for tags file instead only locally

    if has('path_extra')
      setglobal tags-=./tags tags^=./tags;
  • Reload unchanged files automatically.

    set autoread
  • Support all kind of EOLs by default.

    set fileformats+=mac
  • Increase history size to 1000 items.

    set history=1000
  • Allow for up to 50 opened tabs on Vim start.

    set tabpagemax=50
  • Always save upper case variables to viminfo file.

    set viminfo^=!
  • Enable backup and undo files by default.

    let s:dir = has('win32') ? '$APPDATA/Vim' : isdirectory($HOME.'/Library') ? '~/Library/Vim' : empty($XDG_DATA_HOME) ? '~/.local/share/vim' : '$XDG_DATA_HOME/vim'
    let &backupdir = expand(s:dir) . '/backup//'
    let &undodir = expand(s:dir) . '/undo//'
    set undofile
  • Allow color schemes to do bright colors without forcing bold.

    if &t_Co == 8 && $TERM !~# '^linux'
      set t_Co=16
  • Load matchit.vim, but only if the user hasn't installed a newer version.

    if !exists('g:loaded_matchit') && findfile('plugin/matchit.vim', &rtp) ==# ''
      runtime! macros/matchit.vim
  • Ctrl-U in insert mode deletes a lot. Use Ctrl-G u to first break undo, so that you can undo Ctrl-U without undoing what you typed before it.

    inoremap <C-U> <C-G>u<C-U>
  • Avoid problems with fish shell (issue).

    if &shell =~# 'fish$'
      set shell=/bin/bash


  • Set monako font if using macvim

    if has("gui_macvim")
      set guifont=Monaco:h13
  • Keep flags when repeating last substitute command.

    nnoremap & :&&<CR>
    xnoremap & :&&<CR>
  • Y yanks from the cursor to the end of line as expected. See :help Y.

    nnoremap Y y$
  • Automatically create directories for backup and undo files.

    if !isdirectory(expand(s:dir))
      call system("mkdir -p " . expand(s:dir) . "/{backup,undo}")
  • Use more readable color scheme by default. It works well with :set colorline option.

    colorscheme wombat256mod
  • Highlight line under cursor. It helps with navigation.

    set cursorline
  • Keep 8 lines above or below the cursor when scrolling.

    set scrolloff=8
  • Keep 15 columns next to the cursor when scrolling horizontally.

    set sidescroll=1
    set sidescrolloff=15
  • Set minimum window size to 79x5.

    set winwidth=79
    set winheight=5
    set winminheight=5
  • If opening buffer, search first in opened windows.

    set switchbuf=usetab
  • Hide buffers instead of asking if to save them.

    set hidden
  • Wrap lines by default

    set wrap linebreak
    set showbreak=" "
  • Allow easy navigation between wrapped lines.

    vmap j gj
    vmap k gk
    nmap j gj
    nmap k gk
  • For autocompletion, complete as much as you can.

    set wildmode=longest,full
  • Show line numbers on the sidebar.

    set number
  • Disable any annoying beeps on errors.

    set noerrorbells
    set visualbell
  • Don't parse modelines (google "vim modeline vulnerability").

    set nomodeline
  • Do not fold by default. But if, do it up to 3 levels.

    set foldmethod=indent
    set foldnestmax=3
    set nofoldenable
  • Enable mouse for scrolling and window resizing.

    set mouse=a
  • Disable swap to prevent annoying messages.

    set noswapfile
  • Save up to 100 marks, enable capital marks.

    set viminfo='100,f1
  • Enable search highlighting.

    set hlsearch
  • Ignore case when searching.

    set ignorecase
  • Show mode in statusbar, not separately.

    set noshowmode
  • Don't ignore case when search has capital letter (although also don't ignore case by default).

    set smartcase
  • Use dash as word separator.

    set iskeyword+=-
  • Add gems.tags to files searched for tags.

    set tags+=gems.tags
  • Disable output, vcs, archive, rails, temp and backup files.

    set wildignore+=*.o,*.out,*.obj,.git,*.rbc,*.rbo,*.class,.svn,*.gem
    set wildignore+=*.zip,*.tar.gz,*.tar.bz2,*.rar,*.tar.xz
    set wildignore+=*/vendor/gems/*,*/vendor/cache/*,*/.bundle/*,*/.sass-cache/*
    set wildignore+=*.swp,*~,._*
  • Auto center on matched string.

    noremap n nzz
    noremap N Nzz
  • Visually select the text that was last edited/pasted (Vimcast#26).

    noremap gV `[v`]
  • Expand %% to path of current buffer in command mode.

    cnoremap <expr> %% getcmdtype() == ':' ? expand('%:h').'/' : '%%'
  • Enable saving by Ctrl-s

    nnoremap <C-s> :w<CR>
    inoremap <C-s> <ESC>:w<CR>
  • Use Q to intelligently close a window (if there are multiple windows into the same buffer) or kill the buffer entirely if it's the last window looking into that buffer.

    function! CloseWindowOrKillBuffer()
      let number_of_windows_to_this_buffer = len(filter(range(1, winnr('$')), "winbufnr(v:val) == bufnr('%')"))
      if matchstr(expand("%"), 'NERD') == 'NERD'
        wincmd c
      if number_of_windows_to_this_buffer > 1
        wincmd c
    nnoremap <silent> Q :call CloseWindowOrKillBuffer()<CR>
  • Set window title by default.

    set title
  • Always focus on splited window.

    nnoremap <C-w>s <C-w>s<C-w>w
    nnoremap <C-w>v <C-w>v<C-w>w
  • Don't display the intro message on starting Vim.

    set shortmess+=I
  • Use Silver Searcher for CtrlP plugin (if available) Fallback to git ls-files for fast listing. Because we use fast strategies, disable caching.

    let g:ctrlp_use_caching = 0
    if executable('ag')
        set grepprg=ag\ --nogroup\ --nocolor
        let g:ctrlp_user_command = 'ag %s -l --nocolor -g ""'
      let g:ctrlp_user_command = ['.git',
        \ 'cd %s && git ls-files . -co --exclude-standard',
        \ 'find %s -type f' ]
  • Make sure pasting in visual mode doesn't replace paste buffer

    function! RestoreRegister()
      let @" = s:restore_reg
      return ''
    function! s:Repl()
      let s:restore_reg = @"
      return "p@=RestoreRegister()\<cr>"
    vmap <silent> <expr> p <sid>Repl()
  • Prevent common mistake of pressing q: instead :q

    map q: :q
  • Make a simple "search" text object. It allows for replacing search matches with cs and then /././.

    vnoremap <silent> s //e<C-r>=&selection=='exclusive'?'+1':''<CR><CR>
        \:<C-u>call histdel('search',-1)<Bar>let @/=histget('search',-1)<CR>gv
    omap s :normal vs<CR>


The same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.

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