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🎄 Shuttle Christmas Code Hunt is here! Take on 16 days of Rust challenges and win prizes! Click here to sign up! 🎁


Shuttle is a Rust-native cloud development platform that lets you deploy your Rust apps for free.

Shuttle is built for productivity, reliability and performance:

  • Zero-Configuration support for Rust using annotations
  • Automatic resource provisioning (databases, caches, subdomains, etc.) via Infrastructure-From-Code
  • First-class support for popular Rust frameworks (Actix Web, Rocket, Axum, and more)
  • Support for deploying Discord bots using Serenity
  • Scalable hosting (with optional self-hosting in the future)

📖 Check out our documentation to get started quickly:

🙋‍♂️ If you have any questions, join our Discord server.

⭐ If you find Shuttle interesting, and would like to stay up-to-date, consider starring this repo to help spread the word.


(NEW) Shuttle Console

Your projects can now be viewed on the brand new Shuttle Console! The CLI is still used for most tasks.

console-preview The GIF above visualizes the ease of adding resources to your project(s), along with how they are displayed in the console.

Getting Started

The cargo-shuttle CLI can be installed with a pre-built binary or from source with cargo.

Shuttle provides pre-built binaries of the cargo-shuttle CLI with every release for most platforms, they can be found on our GitHub.

On Linux and macOS, you can use this install script, which will automatically install the correct target for your OS and distro:

curl -sSfL | bash

Our binaries can also be installed using cargo-binstall. To install with cargo-binstall, run:

# cargo-binstall can also be installed directly as a binary to skip the compilation time:
cargo install cargo-binstall
cargo binstall cargo-shuttle

Although a bit slower, you can also install directly with cargo:

cargo install cargo-shuttle

If installing binstall or cargo-shuttle fails, try adding --locked to the install command

After installing, log in with:

cargo shuttle login

To initialize your project, simply write:

cargo shuttle init --template axum hello-world
# Choose a unique project name!

And to deploy it, write:

cd hello-world
cargo shuttle project start  # Only needed if project has not already been created during init
cargo shuttle deploy --allow-dirty

And... that's it!

Service Name:  hello-world
Deployment ID: 3d08ac34-ad63-41c1-836b-99afdc90af9f
Status:        running
Last Updated:  2022-04-01T08:32:34Z

Feel free to build on top of the generated hello-world boilerplate or take a stab at one of our examples.

For the full documentation, visit our docs.


Name Description
shuttle 🚀 (This repo) The core Shuttle product. Contains all crates that users interact with. Issues PRs
shuttle-examples 👨‍🏫 Officially maintained examples of projects that can be deployed on Shuttle. Also has a list of community examples. Issues PRs
shuttle-docs 📃 Documentation hosted on Issues PRs
www 🌍 Our website, including the blog and Launchpad newsletter. Issues PRs
deploy-action GitHub Action for continuous deployments. Issues PRs
awesome-shuttle 🌟 An awesome list of Shuttle-hosted projects and resources that users can add to. Issues PRs

Contributing to Shuttle

Contributing to Shuttle is highly encouraged!

Check out our contributing docs and find the appropriate repo above to contribute to.

For development of this repo, check the development docs.

Even if you are not planning to submit any code, joining our Discord server and providing feedback helps us a lot!

Algora Bounties 💰

To offload work from the engineering team on low-priority issues, we will sometimes add a cash bounty to issues. Sign up to the Algora Console to find open issues with bounties.

Community and Support

  • GitHub Issues. Best for: bugs and errors you encounter using Shuttle.
  • X (Twitter). Best for: keeping up with announcements, releases, collaborations and other events.
  • Discord. Best for: ALL OF THE ABOVE + help, support, sharing your applications and hanging out with the community.

Project Status

Check for any outages and incidents on Shuttle Status.

We are currently in Public Beta. Watch "releases" of this repo to get notified of major updates! Also, check out the Beta announcement for features we are looking forward to.

  • Alpha: We are testing Shuttle, API and deployments may be unstable
  • Public Alpha: Anyone can sign up, but go easy on us, there are a few kinks
  • Public Beta: Stable enough for most non-enterprise use-cases
  • Public: Production-ready!

Contributors ✨

Thanks goes to these wonderful people:

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