AX2J - A tool that transfers Android XML to Java code(XML block or whole project)
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AX2J -- Android XML to Java code

A tool converting your Android XML resource to native Java code.

Update Log

2017/11/26 Update supported attributes from documents of Android Developers. Supported attribute list:

2017/11/16 Website building finished.

2017/7/24 Web version online! Only content translate available.

2017/6/20 Now GUI support project translate function.

2017/6/17 Add GUI, add content translate function.

2015/3/27 Fix lots of bugs due to refactor, remove trailing spaces.

2015/3/12 Refactor finished.

2015/2/9 Support android:textAppearance. style supporting is still improving. many attributes of system styles cannot support.

2015/1/29 Support style.

2015/1/26 Support parts of shape in drawable.

2015/1/22: Support drawable selector, drawable not generated yet.

2015/1/21: Support drawable picture, fix some value error.

2015/1/20: Support margin, gravity, padding, inputType, fix some error.

2015/1/19: Improve behavior, support RelativeLayout rule, weight, color, and AXMLResources.getLayout() feature.

2015/1/16: Add, AXMLResources feature(only getString() works).

2015/1/15: Support margins, . Generated Java files will show in a good order.

2015/1/14: Support some basic attributes of layout XML. Like id, layout_width, layout_height, enabled.