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Kölscher Reinheitscode

Hi there 👋

🙋‍♀️ SIDESTREAM is a fullstack, end-to-end agency that solves complex problems.

↔️ End-to-end means we develop a vision of what the best solution will look like, implement that solution in close coorporation with our clients and then deploy and maintain it forever or happily hand it over to our clients.

🚀 In the past we automated energy-infrastructure bookkeeping for a third of Germany, helped fundamental research institutes to measure consistently across year long experiments, enabled large banks to KYC their customers and made liquidations in web3 accessible.

🌈 We also have an open-source arm @sidebase. Get involved there by joining our discord, following our twitter or opening issues and pull requests on our repositories here (:

👩‍💻 You can find our website here


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    Unified MakerDAO auctions

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