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tpetazzoni flex: rework patches to avoid host/target difference
Currently, the target and host flex packages do not behave the same in
terms of patching: the target variant has a patch hook that disables
building the programs (because they are not needed, and do not build
on no-MMU platforms). However, this hook is obviously not executed for
host-flex, because we really want the host flex binary to be built.

In preparation for the introduction of out-of-tree package build, it
is important that we don't do different things in the patch hooks for
the target and host variant of a given package, because the source
tree will be shared between the target and host builds.

To solve this, we introduce a --disable-program configure option,
through a patch to the flex and This patch
makes the current 0001-flex-disable-documentation.patch no longer

Furthermore, building the documentation is a PITA: flex.1 depends on and a few other files generated during the build. Touching
flex.1 does not work, because automake will forcibly remove the files
when its prerequisites are too old, so pre-requisites of flex.1 will
always be more recent than flex.1. So, we add a patch that adds a
--disable-doc configure option.


Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>
  - rebase on-top of master,
  - add patch to not build the documentation, because simply touching
    flex.1 is no longer enough.
  - keep install in target/, for shared builds
Signed-off-by: "Yann E. MORIN" <>
Cc: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Cc: Adrian Perez de Castro <>
Cc: Arnout Vandecappelle <>
Signed-off-by: Thomas Petazzoni <>
Latest commit 131995f Oct 8, 2017
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arch arc/bfin: remove 60x cores Oct 2, 2017
board configs/imx6-sabresd: Add VPU decoding support Oct 10, 2017
boot u-boot: add option to specify config fragments Oct 6, 2017
configs configs/imx6-sabresd: Add VPU decoding support Oct 10, 2017
docs docs/website: update for 2017.02.6 Sep 24, 2017
fs fs/iso9660: remove support for grub Sep 23, 2017
linux linux: bump default to version 4.13.5 Oct 5, 2017
package flex: rework patches to avoid host/target difference Oct 11, 2017
support support/run-tests: export download dir Oct 10, 2017
system skeleton: Rename skeleton-sysv to skeleton-init-sysv Aug 14, 2017
toolchain toolchain: add glibc support for ARCv2 Oct 10, 2017
utils perl: bump to version 5.26.1 Sep 28, 2017
.defconfig arch: remove support for sh64 Sep 8, 2016
.flake8 .flake8: add config file for Python code style Oct 6, 2017
.gitignore update gitignore May 4, 2013
.gitlab-ci.yml configs/imx6-sabreauto: Add a new defconfig Oct 8, 2017 .gitlab-ci.yml: use large timeouts for runtime tests Aug 10, 2017
CHANGES Update for 2017.02.6 Sep 24, 2017
COPYING COPYING: add exception about patch licensing Feb 26, 2016 rename xbmc -> kodi Oct 1, 2017 package/openobex: bump version to 1.7.2 Sep 24, 2017
DEVELOPERS package/freeswitch-mod-bcg729: new package Oct 8, 2017
Makefile HOST_DIR/lib: symlink respectively to lib32/64 Oct 5, 2017
Makefile.legacy Remove BR2_DEPRECATED Oct 15, 2016
README README: add reference to submitting-patches Feb 1, 2016


Buildroot is a simple, efficient and easy-to-use tool to generate embedded
Linux systems through cross-compilation.

The documentation can be found in docs/manual. You can generate a text
document with 'make manual-text' and read output/docs/manual/manual.text.
Online documentation can be found at

To build and use the buildroot stuff, do the following:

1) run 'make menuconfig'
2) select the target architecture and the packages you wish to compile
3) run 'make'
4) wait while it compiles
5) find the kernel, bootloader, root filesystem, etc. in output/images

You do not need to be root to build or run buildroot.  Have fun!

Buildroot comes with a basic configuration for a number of boards. Run
'make list-defconfigs' to view the list of provided configurations.

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