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Open source licence snippets for Sublime Text

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Licence snippets for Sublime Text

This package provides the text of several common open-source licences as Sublime Text snippets. It makes inserting licence text in your source files quick and easy.

The licences are all taken from the OSI website.

Feel free to submit an issue or pull request if there's a licence you'd like added.


Package Control

The easiest and best way to manage Sublime Text packages is with Package Control.

  1. Install Package Control if you haven't already.
  2. Choose Install Package from the command palette.
  3. Select Licence Snippets and press Enter. Easy.

You can clone this repository into your Sublime Text Packages directory. You really should use Package Control, though.


You can download a zip file from here and extract it to your Sublime Text Packages directory. But seriously, just install Package Control.


To insert, for example, the MIT licence in a source file, open the command palette, type mit and choose Licence Snippet: MIT (or choose Licence Snippet: MIT from the snippets menu). The licence text will be inserted at the cursor. The copyright details (year, author, organization, etc.) will be highlighted in turn so that you can easily tab between them and modify them if necessary.


Two settings are available to configure the behaviour of this plugin. To set them, choose Preferences > Settings - User and add a line for the setting you want to change.

  • licence_comment_style = none, line, or block (default: line)
  • licence_wrap_lines = True or False (default: False)
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