Electronic Observer is a game viewer for Kantai Collection.
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Electronic Observer (七四式電子観測儀)

Electronic Observer is a browser to help admirals manage their fleets. It is packed with features to provide additional informations for admirals to plan and play KanColle better.

Main Features


Each function is located in separate windows, and can be freely docked, moved, and arranged by the user.
Below is a brief explanation. For more details, please see the Wiki.

  • Internal browser (including screenshot, mute, and zoom)
  • Fleet display (status [on expedition, needs supplies, etc.], air power, LoS)
    • Individual ship display (Level, HP, condition, supplies, equipment slots)
    • Fleet list (see all fleet statuses at a glance)
    • Grouping (group your ships and track them differently)
  • Dock (current ships, remaining time)
  • Arsenal (current construction, remaining time)
  • Headquarters (Admiral status, resource display)
  • Compass (upcoming route, enemy fleet display, resource gain/losses)
  • Battle (battle prediction and results)
  • Information (unseen CGs, crafting results, map gauges)
  • Quests (with complete tracking)
  • Encyclopedia (of ships and equipment)
  • Equipment List
  • Notifications (expeditions, docing, critical damage, and more)
  • Records (keep records of drops, constructions, and developments)
  • Window Capture (capture external windows into the program)

None of these functions interfere with KanColle normal, legal operation.


The latest version of Electronic Observer is available at the Releases page.


The Kancolle API is documented (in Japanese only) at the original project's Other/Information/. Use as you wish, but no guarantee of accuracy is made.



This project is licensed under the MIT License, for more information, see LICENSE.


Please open a new issue at Github if you have any problem, question, or suggestion. Thank you for using Electronic Observer.