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PHP Client for

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Library for PHP that can send SMS messages via gateway. (not all API methods are implemented for now)


composer require simpod/sms-manager


Use SmsManager interface in your code, eg.:

public function __construct(SmsManager $smsManager) {

and alias SMSManager to ApiSmsManager for your production usage.

Example with Symfony:

        alias: SimPod\SmsManager\ApiSmsManager

To send message, create new SmsMessage:

$smsMessage = new SmsMessage(
    'message text',
    RequestType::getRequestTypeLow() // optional, defaults to High
    'sender' // optional
    1 // optional, CustomID


Third parameter of SmsMessage is RequestType that is represented by RequestType class. Eg. low request type is instantiated with RequestType::getRequestTypeLow().