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Simple Analytics is a privacy friendly analytics tool with a strong mission: never invade the privacy of your visitors. We just show you the essentials: page views, referrers, top pages, and devices. We don't use cookies. We don't collect any personal data. So no cookie banners or GDPR to worry about. When a service is free you are the product. We won't ever sell your data. As a result, we require a subscription.

Open Source

As our public scripts are very important in our mission to privacy we decided to make the source code available. We use the MIT license which is short and to the point. It lets you do almost anything you want with this project, like making and distributing closed source versions. See LICENSE for more info.


If you want to contribute, you probabaly want to contribute to our /src/default.js or /src/auto-events.js files. These files compile into a few versions of our script by minify.js. They end up on our CDN, custom domains, and the Cloudflare app.

In default.js you see some weird syntax in the comments. For example, /** if ignorepages **/ [some code] /** endif **/. These comments are converted to handlebars like this: {{#if ignorepages }} [some code] {{/if}}. In this case, ignorepages is a variable used in minify.js that takes care of what functionality to show in what script. Our main script is the latest.js script which includes all features. We also have a light.js script that obviously doesn't.

If you contribute, make sure to use npm run build, copy the script to a website, and check if it works correctly.

Run this locally

Just run npm run watch and every file will be validated and minified on save. We minify our scripts with UglifyJS, a well known JavaScript minifier.

The most important file of the repository is /src/default.js

Device testing is sponsored by BrowserStack

We get amazing sponsoring from BrowserStack. Thanks BrowserStack!

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Feel free to drop any issues you have with our open source scripts. If you want to contact us you can also use our contact form or email listed here: